About us

Shenzhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd (Salubris) is a comprehensive group pharmaceutical company that integrates pharmaceutical products research and development, production and business sales, which is founded in 1998 and listed in the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2009.

Salubris has been named "the most competitive domestic pharmaceutical listing corporation top 20" and "Top 10 Market Value Enterprises listed on SMEs Board". Salubris layouts the global industrial chain precisely and the global business has covered more than 38 countries and regions, including China, USA, Germany, France and Japan.

The company business focuses on the therapeutic fields of cardiovascular, anti-diabetic, antineoplastic and orthopedic, as well as three mainlines of the high-end chemical medicine, innovative biological medicines and medical apparatus and instruments, forming the strategic synergy between products. In the cardiovascular field, our key products are all innovative. 

Research and development and sales are the two areas of strength of the company. In the next 2-3 years, we will rapidly diversify the product line of chemical pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, we have completed the middle-term and long-term products planning of the innovative biological medicines, laying a foundation for the company to become an excellent biological enterprise. The company is constantly optimizing professional academic marketing team building to create value for customers by providing good quality products to the society via professional academic marketing.

In the future, Salubris will be continuously driven by independent innovation and concentration on providing solutions to the unfulfilled clinical need. Salubris will focus on patients and pursue the improvement of products and customers satisfaction. With the differentiated competitive advantages, Salubris will gradually become a China-based international innovative pharmaceutical enterprise.