SAL007 for the treatment of chronic heart failure approved by NMPA for clinical trial

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Latest progress

Salubris announced recently that its recombinant human Neuregulin 1-anti-HER3 antibody fusion protein injection (Domestic project code: SAL007) has been approved by NMPA for phase 1 trial for HFpEF (heart failure with preserved ejection fraction).


Salubris’ first China-US dual registration innovative biologics, SAL007 (US project code: JK07) is an NRG-1(neuregulin-1) fusion antibody independently developed by Salubris Bio, a subsidiary of Salubris, with global intellectual property, of which the target indications are HFrEF (heart failure with reduced ejection fraction) and HFpEF (heart failure with preserved ejection fraction).


At present, the phase 1 trial of SAL007 for HFrEF is undergoing in both China and US, and the phase 1 trial for HFpEF has been approved in both China and US.


In the future, Salubris will continue to focus on the field of chronic diseases, meet the unmet clinical needs, develop more valuable drugs, and improve the quality of patient’s life.